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AutoCAD 2004 Free Download is a complete software that is used for producing technical drawings. It’s a CAD program that is used for 2D drafting and basic 3D design.

A Review Of AutoCAD 2004 Download

AutoCAD 2004 Free DownloadAutoCAD 2004 Software is created for technical designs with 2D drawings & 3D fashions. It will presumably open the records data. With drafting AutoCAD has supported in designing, designing the documentation, and primary 3D design. It has various APIs for additional customization or automation, .NET, VBA, and Object ARX which offer prolonged achievement.

It is useful for producing technical drawings which contain 2D drafting such as 3D design. The drawing file size gives management. It reduces the huge size of AutoCAD files up to 50{41dbad19a06ad9da31f4016efa2102a0a457b281954b7d2a0ce041cb38458304} which takes less time to open a file. It also gives high-quality presentations on true color. The RAL color supports the industry-standard Pantone. It also supports the DWG file format such as the improved Design Web Format. It also supports the i-drop which allows you to drag & drop items from various websites into designs. It also supports any object enabler which reads the objects in industry-specific applications such as digital signatures.


AutoCAD 2004 64-Bit for Windows has been updated here on 27 April 2023. Now you have the option to download it as per your system requirement. If you are looking to download Autocad 2009Autocad 2013 it’s also available.

System Requirement Of AutoCAD 2004 Free Download

License Free
Operating System Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Disk Space 223.2 MB

AutoCAD 2004 Includes Advanced Options

  • Trace: Add design change notes and markups from AutoCAD on your desktop in addition to the web and mobile apps.
  • Count: Automate the counting of blocks or objects within a selected area or throughout your entire drawing.
  • Graphics: Render 3D objects up to 10 times faster.
  • Customizable installation: Reduce the amount of time setting up your software with faster and customizable installations. You can even work in AutoCAD while it’s being installed.

You can export your designs and drawings in DWG format as well as DWF6 codecs. The drag and drop feature in Autodesk AutoCAD 2004 For PC saves a significant amount of time. AutoCAD provides digital signatures to ensure the security of your data. A collection of templates is offered for quickly creating simple tasks.

What’s New?

  • Increased efficiency and speed
  • For better efficiency, it is dependent on the Windows platform.
    Inside information is quickly opened and closed.
  • Design documentation, details, and basic 3D design
  • The command line has been improved (new command line instructions have been supplied).
  • Interface with drag and drop
  • Genuine hues
  • DWG file format
  • Electronic signatures

How To Install & Download Autocad 2004?

Download AutoCAD 2004 Free. Follow the steps. This CAD program helps you to design 2D & 3D drawings. Let’s Enjoy.

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