KCleaner 3.6.0 Free Download

KCleaner 3.6.0 Free Download is a robust system cleaning tool which will uncover junk or redundant files. This app is used to locate all types of clutter which is left all over your hard drive by multiple applications. It is capable to clear up Windows or browser temp files.

A Review Of KCleaner 3.6.0

KCleaner 3.6.0 Free DownloadKCleaner 3.6.0 Free Download is composed to efficient Hard Disk cleaner which gives you all the support you may require for your documents, pictures and movies. It gives automatic mode that works in the background which you don’t have to care about when to start it. It gives secured file deletion methods that allowed by KCleaner which making all deleted files with unrecoverable by any known mean. It is a powerful program which is designed to remove all unused files from the PC, Recycle Bin contents any other kinds of data. It automatically finds the victims or lets you pick the ones to eliminate.

It is an efficient tool that works as a hard drive cleaner that runs in the background or efficiently deletes all temporary files. KCleaner gives secure mode file deletion that comes in two forms and professional. It adds a small window with a modicum of information to avoid confusing and frightening the beginner. It gives unnecessary elements that identified previously displayed. You can select those you need to delete from your operating system. It gives an option to schedule the time which you need to make cleaning your operating system.


System Requirement Of KCleaner 3.6.0 Free Download

License Free
Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
RAM 128 MB
Disk Space 1.4 MB

How To Install?

Download KCleaner 3.6.0 Free Download. Follow all instructions. It’s a free program which is helpful to clean your hard drives instantly. Enjoy.

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