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KNOPPIX 9.1.0 Free Download is a bootable live system on CD & DVD which comes with a collection of GNU & Linux software. It gives automatic hardware detection or also supports multiple graphics cards, SCSI, or USB devices.

A Review Of KNOPPIX 9.1.0 Full Version

KNOPPIX Free DownloadKNOPPIX Free Download is used as a prolific Linux system for the desktop and rescue system. It is used as a platform for commercial program product demos. It is not important to install everything on a hard disk. It is an open-source Linux distribution that achieved its popularity from the experience that the ISO image gives users with a functional live environment. It has a large collection of apps or supports various hardware components. It is a bootable CD with a compilation of GNU software and supports multiple graphics cards and USB devices or any other peripherals. It gives an educational CD, rescues the system, and is used as a program for commercial software or product demos.

This program has two Live CD & DVD ISO images with support for English or German-speaking users. It supports language format with the developer of German nationality. The Live DVD gives a comprehensive collection of GNU and Linux software. It supports various graphics cards, USB devices, and SCSI disks. It is also used to boot an existing OS and start the live environment in secure graphics mode. It is based on the KDE desktop environment that gives users a very convenient, eye-candy desktop experience or access to top-notch open-source applications. KNOPPIX gives at least an Intel and AMD-compatible CPU, 120 MB of RAM for the graphical desktop, a bootable CD-ROM with a conventional SVGA-compatible video card, or a USB or PS/2 mouse.

System Requirement Of KNOPPIX 9.1.0 Free Download

License Free
Operating System Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Disk Space 4.3 GB

KNOPPIX 2023 – Public Release

The DVD version contains additional software packages for office productivity as well as software development and engineering (various programming languages and development environments), education, and gaming.

In order to start from a CD, DVD, or USB flash disk, adjust the boot selection menu or your computer’s BIOS setup in order to start from the desired device. Everything else works (almost) automatically.

In the USB flash disk variant, it is possible to store your own settings and additionally install software permanently via “overlay”, so that the system behaves just like a “real hard disk” installation.

How To Install?

Download KNOPPIX 9.1.0 Free. Follow all steps. It’s a free program that gives functional improvements. Let’s enjoy.

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