MailWasher 2018 Free Download

MailWasher 2018 Free Download is an email filtering software which can detect or delete spam from a user’s email. It is developed by New Zealand based company Firetrust. It is a combination of user-defined filters and Bayesian filtering.

A Review Of MailWasher 2018

MailWasher 2018 Free DownloadMailWasher 2018 Free Download is an advanced e-mail application which is used to stop spam by allowing you to bounce e-mails before you download them. You can also add bounced senders to a private blacklist which will bounce all the future attempts automatically. If the spammer uses an application which purges all bounced addresses, over the time this should take your address off the list. It gives complete protection of multiple accounts. It also works excellent for people with a particular POP3 account.

It also help you to get rid of spam & viruses in your e-mail. MailWasher provides you to preview all aspects of your e-mail on the server to your PC. It also protects you from spam, phishing attacks, and any other nuisances. You can eaisly delete all unwanted e-mail before it touches to you. It also identify or protects you against worms. It gives comprehensive antispam tools which support one e-mail account, no mobile sync, or preview pane that is limited to first 10 lines. It also checks or manages your e-mails before you download them. You can play a sound when an email comes and notified visually. This program gives comprehensive help documentation.

System Requirement Of MailWasher 2018 Free Download

License Free
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
RAM 512 MB
Disk Space 21.8 MB

How To Install?

Download MailWasher 2018 Free Download. Follow all instructions. It’s a free program which protects your email from viruses. Enjoy.

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