RapidTyping 5.2 Free Download

RapidTyping 5.2 Free Download is a new typing program for Windows which also helps you to learn how to type. It is used to teach adults or kids to use their PC keyboard efficiently.

A Review Of RapidTyping 5.2

RapidTyping 5.2 Free DownloadRapidTyping 5.2 Free Download gives new keyboard trainer which will help you to improve your typing speed or reduce the typos. With its new lessons that organized around different keyboard groups. This software will guide you to touch the typing in a short time. It also contains a virtual keyboard which will help the keys to press while you are making your way by the typing lessons. You can also select from three levels that are Beginner, Advanced or Expert.

It includes a series of lessons which scroll beyond the screen as the user models. Users can also collect from lessons consisting of letters, capital letters and symbols. As any lesson scrolls across, a keyboard diagram presents an outline of hands which actuating to the relevant key. Users type by each lesson or also shown their scores on speed and arrhythmic input. Rapid Typing Tutor enables users to see more than a few characters first. The speed of the scroll depends on the speed of the typist. Users give new keyboard layout which increases the speed. It also increases your typing skills. Children will also learn by playing a fun game that can determine the pre-configured lessons and create their own training courses.

System Requirement Of RapidTyping 5.2 Free Download

License Free
Operating System Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
RAM 128 MB
Disk Space 14.24 MB

How To Install?

Download RapidTyping 5.2 Free Download. Follow the complete instructions. It’s a very helpful typing software which gives an easy way for learning the typing. Enjoy.

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