Screen To Gif 2.14.1 Free Download

Screen To Gif 2.14.1 Free Download is an advanced editor which is helpful to record the current display screen or enables users to edit these images before creating the output file.

Screen To Gif 2.14.1 Free Download  Screen To Gif 2.14.1 Free Download enables you to record a decided area of your screen and live drawings from a sketchboard. You can edit or save the animation as a gif and video. Pause or continue to record the video. Move the window all around to record what you need. You can edit the frames, revert, make yo-yo style and slow-motion. Export frames. You can Crop and Resize the image. You can work uniform while the software is recording. Select a folder to protect the file and simply allowed the performance save in your desktop. You can add the system cursor to your recording.

It provides you to record a little section of your desktop or save it as an animated GIF. You can drag the empty window frame of the software over the area which the GIF should later cover. Then start the registration or carry out the solicited action. You can use it to film an animation on your desktop and play a role. Screen To Gif can also film a video from YouTube and film yourself in front of your private webcam. After you have stopped recording, you can click by the frames on the timeline or remove frames if needed. With the imprisoned editor also transitions or a joining of individual recordings no puzzle.

System Requirement Of Screen To Gif Free Download

License Free
Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
RAM 128 MB
Disk Space 0.84 MB

How To Install?

Download Screen To Gif 2.14.1 Free Download. Follow the setups. It’s a screen recording editor which helps you to edit your images and makes gifs instantly. Enjoy.

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