WinGate 9.1 Free Download

WinGate 9.1 Free Download is introduced with advanced HTTP proxy server technology instruments which establish a secure single internet connection between many operating deviecs. It is a highly integrated multiple protocol server, which released in October 1995.

A REVIEW OF WinGate 9.1 Free Download

WinGate 9.1 Free Download

WinGate 9.1 Free Download has modernized nature ro keep control on all internet access which connects various computers through a local network of that area. It establishes a gateway to communicate with servers. It is designed with new features like real-time monitoring of all login sessions. Its proxy servers can limit and control the user’s database and control users internet accessibility. It works for both 32 and 64bit windows devices. It is available in three basic versions which are standard, professional and enterprises. Its latest enterprise’s version is introduced with an additional feature of a configured virtual private network system.

In the case of security threats, it provides many security filters and enhancements which works silently and deeply to stop the viruses and spam to get access to network and internal device apps.WinGate is famous in recent time due to its primarily access control, email server, catching, reporting, bandwidth management, and content filters etc. It is widely used by the home windows users, business industries, institutes, and network companies to share single internet connection with their multiple network access devices of employees. It suports the using of NAT or proxy settings to connect with network devices. It can improve efficiency and reliability of network access.

System Requirement Of WinGate 9.1 Free Download

License Free
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Disk Space 200 MB


WinGate 9.1 Free Download. Follow all instruction. This is free of cost integrated multi-protocol proxy server which makes a gateway between the single internet connection and multiple computing devices.


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